Vehicle Registrations

EAdvice_66_DLA_Piper_e-Advice_66_-_Vehicle_Registration_20140202 Many owners of Unregistered Vehicles such as fork lifts, golf buggies, tractors, front end loaders etc do not realise they may be required effect some form of Registration including CTP insurances depending on where such a vehicle is driven. Regulations are State or Territory based and depend on the area where the vehicles are […]

Riviera Insurance Services NAS Community Events Liability

We are please to advise that through NAS we have access to a specific Events Liability scheme Tailored to assist Community based events, we can assist your Organisation or Association to reduse your liability exposures . Cover options of $10,000,000 and $20,000,000 can be provided The scheme is underwritten through W.R. Berkley (Europe) Ltd via High Street Underwriting Australia To […]

Severe storm event warning Queensland

If you are in the affected Queensland Severe storm area It is advisable that you  prepare ahead Vero Insurance have provided some helpful information provided to assist you leading up to , during and after the event Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with any of your general insurance needs Storms are […]

Fire causes est $400000 damage to iconic restaurant

How would your business survive an event like this Do you have adequate cover and business interruption cover in place to restore your business and income Contact us if you would like to discuss your business insurance arrangements